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The Year of the Earth Pig
Calendar:  Practice Schedule & Regular Events

Daily Schedule

6:00-7:00 am      Tara Puja

5:30-6:00 pm      Mahakala Puja

Weekly Meditations

Sundays 10 am     Chenrezig Puja

Mondays 7:00 pm

  • Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind to Dharma
  • Short Chenrezig Puja
  • Recitation of Chenrezig mantra (om mani padme hung)

Tuesdays 7:00 pm      Silent Meditation

Thursdays 7:00 pm      Basic Meditation


Special Pujas and Tsoks begin at 7:00 pm unless otherwise specified.





Saturday 30th       Milarepa Tsok (food offering is welcome)



Saturday 6th         Part I: Calm-Abiding Meditation

Sunday 7th           A Birthday Celebration! and Fire Puja

Saturday 13th       Chenrezik Empowerment

Saturday 27th       Part II: Mahamudra - An Introduction


May auspiciousness prevail in the 10 directions.